Group Classes

In addition to our one to one lessons, we offer a variety of group classes, workshops and opportunities for musicians of all ages to play together with others.

These are held on varying dates according to students’ interest, so be sure to call or email for scheduling.


A fun-oriented introduction to the rudiments of music, with singing, dancing and keeping time with rhythm instruments. For ages 2-4. Taught by Rita Clarke, a 10-year veteran of kids’ group classes at Levine School of Music. Saturday mornings by reservation.


An opportunity for kids to play for and with other kids in a no-pressure setting. Our teacher Acacia Sears will provide direction and facilitate helping the kids play along with one another. Sunday afternoons by reservation.


Play and sing along with a group of friendly and encouraging folks who enjoy sharing familiar songs with others. One of our teachers will lead the way and provide chord/lyric sheets. Guitars, ukes and other folk instruments welcome. Friday evenings by reservation.


Want to play with a band but aren’t yet able to play at 150 beats per minute? We’ll slow things down to a comfortable tempo and have chords and lyrics to help you follow along with any unfamiliar songs. Adults, kids and all bluegrass instruments welcome. Sunday afternoons by reservation.


We’ll lead familiar Irish session tunes at slow to moderate speed to accommodate everyone’s level. We’ll bring sheet music, but you’ll be most comfortable with tunes you’ve memorized. Adults, kids and all traditional Irish instruments welcome. Sunday afternoons by reservation.

For more information, please call 240-690-1910, or email