Corned Beef Hash

This monthly series, hosted by Cherry Blossom Special, will feature a joint performance with a guest artist, as well as occasional jams.

The May showcase in our series features Corned Beef Hash and Cherry Blossom Special.

Corned Beef Hash is a dynamic musical trio hailing from the DMV area that has been making waves with their unique blend of Klezmer, Celtic, and Quebecois music. Comprised of fiddler David Coltun, guitarist Jacob Howley, and bodhranist Nick Cameron, the band brings together their diverse musical backgrounds to create a truly unforgettable sound.

Drawing on the rich traditions of Jewish, Irish, and French-Canadian music, Corned Beef Hash seamlessly weaves together these disparate styles into a cohesive and electrifying whole. From the soaring melodies of Coltun's fiddle to Howley's driving guitar and Cameron's pulsating rhythms on the bodhran, their music is a celebration of the diverse cultures and traditions that make up the DMV's vibrant music scene.

For fans of traditional Jewish, Irish, and French-Canadian music, as well as those who simply love great music and a good time, Corned Beef Hash is a band not to be missed. With their innovative sound and electrifying performances, they are sure to delight audiences wherever they go.


Sat, May 20, 2023
7:00 PM EST
Takoma SPARK
7112 Willow Ave
Takoma Park, MD 20912


Drawing from the rich history of Washington D.C.’s acoustic music sphere, the folk quintet’s compositions and arrangements seek to go beyond storytelling. Rather, the group uses their vibrant music to examine the complex spectrum that blends tradition and innovation, begging the question, what do the stories we tell say about ourselves?

Award-winning vocalist and mandolinist, Nick Cameron , brings technical proficiency that allows them to pen sharp and forward thinking arrangements. Banjoist and lyricist, Gabby Cameron, pulls songwriting inspiration from her ethnomusicological scholarship, having been named the 2022 IBMA Neil Rosenberg Bluegrass Scholar for her groundbreaking research in Jewish bluegrass music. Cellist, Sophie Chang, brings rhythmic vitality through her experience as a versatile contra dance musician. Enhancing the group’s genre ambiguity, Mari Carlson’s playing styles range from traditional Swedish fiddle to keen jazz violin. Guitarist, Justin Heath, offers the group a mellow and intuitive tone, bridging his harmonic insight from jazz and tango with bluegrass flatpicking.

Cherry Blossom Special