Chris Ousley
Early in his youth, Chris tramped off to the hills of western Pennsylvania to study the 3 B’s: books, beer and banjos. There he woodshedded with old hill cats in barns outside of abandoned steel and coal towns playing any instrument he could take a turn on. Hitting mountain trails, biking over rough terrain, rafting down rivers, all with a bottle of whiskey and a banjo on his back. Chris’s deep jazz pocket and graceful Kentucky-style banjo is only outmatched by the spritely twinkle in his adventurous eye.

He was bold enough to believe that he should take his heartfelt chaos on the road, and is thus responsible for all of the shenanigans that embody the Bumper Jacksons: a 6 piece powerhouse of country and jazz fusion that has spent the last decade touring across North America. Through the Bumper Jacksons, Chris has released 6 albums of work (with one on the way!), performed over 1000 shows, delivered hundreds of workshops, earned a solid handful of awards, and once got to take a giant land tortoise for an evening walk in Kentucky.

So whether you’re up for getting started on upright bass, mastering some jazz rhythm techniques, or diving further into your songwriting, Chris has you covered. At the very least, you’ll get some good stories out of it. Chris teaches ukulele, banjo, guitar, upright bass, and songwriting/composition.
Upright Bass